Products by Finn Equipment Sales Inc.
  • Dust Extraction Technology

    Finn Equipment Sales designs turnkey Engart Dust Extraction systems where difficult operating conditions such as combustible dust, moisture, or high temperature create problems for dry baghouse systems. Engart wet dust extractors operate at coal-fired power stations, mining operations and other... Read More
  • Turnkey Design Services

    Engart engineers work with you to evaluate and solve your unique fugitive dust control problem. Dust sources are studied to determine where exhaust hoods can be used to contain and capture dust emissions. Equipment locations are determined along with effective ductwork routing. Detail 3D CAD... Read More
  • Dust Extractors

    Each Engart Dust Extractor comes complete with motor, fan, demisters, extraction panel scrubber box, manual valve on main water supply and backflush, pressure gauge (psi or bar), pressure regulator and hose assembly for front sprays. The Internal and External housing is coated with two-part... Read More