Products in the Rock & Aggregate Equipment Marketplace

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  • GEHO® PD Slurry Pumps By Weir Minerals North America

    GEHO® pumps are world market and technological leaders in the design and manufacture of piston, piston diaphragm and hose diaphragm pumps for slurry, sludge and paste applications. The pumps handle a wide range of applications such as long-distance slurry pipeline transport, mine dewatering and... Read More
  • Glass Lined Bolted Storage Tanks By United Industries Group, Inc

    United Industries Group Inc. (UIG) offers glass coated steel tanks and silos for use in particular applications where bare metal or epoxy coating is not recommended. These tanks are commonly called "glass-lined tanks" and are coated inside and out with a glass-like enamel that binds to the metal... Read More
  • Goodyear Plicord Super Rock Drill By JGB Enterprises, Inc.

    An extra heavy duty, high pressure hose for pneumatic service in mining, construction, and industrial service where working conditions are especially severe. Tube: Black, heat-resistant Nitrile (ORS) synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (High Oil Resistance) Reinforcement: Spiral plied steel... Read More
  • GREENLINE Belt Pulley Alignment Tool By LUDECA Inc.

    SheaveMaster features a Green Line Laser for optimum visibility under bright sunlight conditions – ideal for outdoor applications. It mounts magnetically to the face of a pulley. A laser fans out striking 3 magnetic targets on the opposite pulley and measures angular, offset and twist... Read More
  • Guzzler ACE By Guzzler Manufacturing

    Guzzler designed the ACE® industrial vacuum loader with input from contractors. Easier to dump and clean than competitive models, the ACE can handle the full spectrum of wet and dry material, from remote or inaccessible locations. The Guzzler ACE modular design allows for the choice of any... Read More
  • Guzzler CL By Guzzler Manufacturing

    The Guzzler CL is a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum system designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials – from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, slurries and thick sludge. It can operate effectively in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet... Read More
  • Guzzler NX By Guzzler Manufacturing

    The Guzzler NX vacuum loader features patent-pending Vacuum Recovery (VR) Technology, which features automatic offline cleaning of the integral baghouse and cyclone. Material is recovered back into the debris tank while continuing to work at the hose. The Guzzler NX offers improved... Read More
  • Gyratory Crusher Components By Excel Foundry & Machine

    When it comes to Replacement Gyratory Crusher Parts, Excel has been crushing the market for decades. If you demand the peace of mind that comes with ISO 9001-certified, fully-guaranteed and warranted replacement parts for your gyratory crusher, your search ends with Excel Foundry & Machine –... Read More
  • Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts By Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

    Columbia Steel knows gyratory crushers. For three decades, we've gone into the field and studied real-world performance issues: poor nip of feed material; excessive wear in lower crushing chambers; poor production from partially worn parts; excessive wear metal discard costs; and problems with... Read More