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  • IC-CoalEval - Software for the Financial Evaluation of Coal Projects By Infomine USA Inc

    IC-CoalEval, a software system provided by IC-FinEval Ltd, is an Excelâ„¢-based spreadsheet programme automating all stages required to produce models of coal projects. IC-CoalEval was derived from the coal capability of IC-MinEval, but customised to generate models that are close to those... Read More
  • IC-MinEval - Software for the Financial Evaluation of Mining Projects By Infomine USA Inc

    IC-MinEval provides financial evaluation of mining projects producing spreadsheet-based models for base, precious metal, coal, industrial minerals or gemstone deposits. The application has successfully translated the expertise in mining financial evaluation developed over many years at the Royal... Read More
  • Impact Crusher Rotors By RQI Inc

    RQI, Inc. manufactures rotors and rotor parts for use in a specific style of rock crushing machine called an Impact Crusher, or an Impactor. Impactors use high speed collisions between the rock and both moving and stationary bars inside the machine, as well as rock on rock collisions. These... Read More
  • Impact Saddle® By Richwood

    Production comes to a halt when your conveyor belts are damaged by rips or tears. Downtime is not an option when greater efficiency and increased production are part of your job. Keep your belts running with maximum production availability. Read More
  • Impact/Slider Systems By C.U.E., Inc

    Hardliner-brand Impact Bars feature a solid design that provides exceptional impact and wear resistance, while preventing belt damage. Our Impact Bars have been engineered to fit most existing impact bed systems. Both all-urethane bar and aluminum 'T'-channel reinforced bar designs are... Read More
  • Industrial Dredge By Piranha Pumps & Dredges

    Our Piranha Industrial Dredges feature powerful agitator slurry pumps that are so effective, they excavate material faster than other styles of dredges many times their size. Other dredging systems for sale skim materials off the top of your sediment layer, pumping excessive amounts of water... Read More
  • Industrial Screens By The Western Group

    We have been manufacturing industrial screens for 80 years in the US. Our products are produced in the US, so when you need high-quality material and you need it quickly, give us a call. And if we can't produce it for you, we'll likely know who can. While many customers pull from our large... Read More
  • Installation By Crisp Industries , Inc.

    Crisp Industries, Inc. installation and field crews are committed to safely and efficiently erecting each project from beginning to end and completing the job smoothly and on schedule. Our project managers and field crew have a vast amount of operational experience that assures our customers... Read More
  • ISOGATE® Slurry Valves By Weir Minerals North America

    IsoGate® slurry valves are designed for today's slurry applications with a unique design developed with both ease of maintenance and overall ownership costs in mind. Read More