Products in the Rock & Aggregate Equipment Marketplace

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  • SafePoint® Truly Fail-Safe Bin Level Switch By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ SafePoint® rotary paddle point level indicator (switch) with a self-validating design detects material presence plus continuously monitors its own ability to function. This analysis includes sensor health and system power failure, which makes the SafePoint truly... Read More
  • Sand & Gravel Screens By The Western Group

    We've been based in the US for 80 years, using American steel throughout that time; while Chinese material may be cheaper, our customers think that they usually get what they pay for. We've been providing operators with the best deliveries in their local markets, technical assistance at your... Read More
  • Sand Manager Classifying Tanks By McLanahan Corporation

    Sand-Manager® Classifying Tanks provide a simple method to remove excess water, slimes or undesirable grain sizes from natural or crushed sand feeds. By separating the sand fractions and re-blending them according to a computer program, you can make multiple products simultaneously from the... Read More
  • Scalper 107D Screening Plant By Screen Machine

    The Scalper 107D is a patented, heavy-duty screening plant that is perfect for two product separation. Ideal applications include soils screening, removing vegetation, rocks and even scrap metal. This tough machine is built with Grade 80 steel plate and a heavy-duty reinforced tubular structure.... Read More
  • Scalper 107T Screening Plant By Screen Machine

    The Scalper 107T® is a patented, heavy-duty, track-mounted screening plant designed to screen rock, soils, sand, gravel, coal, concrete and more. It works best when paired with your 3 to 5 yard (2.5m - 4m) front end loader. A unique wide feed opening over dual 7'-0" (2.1m) shaker screens,... Read More
  • Scalper 55D Screening Plant By Screen Machine

    The Scalper 55D is an affordable portable screening plant designed to be loaded by a skid steer loader. It is used to separate topsoil and rocks, sand and gravel, and many other materials found at a contractors site. The self-contained Scalper 55D is easy to transport, quick to set up and easy... Read More
  • Scalper 77C Screening Plant By Screen Machine

    The Scalper 77C is a patented, heavy-duty screening plant capable of screening soils, aggregates and more. It works best when paired with your 2 (1.8m) yard front end loader. A large feed opening directing material on the 7’-0” long shaker screen is standard equipment in this easy-to-use and... Read More
  • Screening Accessories By Tandem Products Inc./ Rhino Hyde Div.

    There are many miscellaneous urethane parts on a screening deck. The parts we produce are listed below and are produced out of an application specific urethane, the same as our other products. For more information go the the literature and data link at the bottom of each navigation bar, call our... Read More
  • Screens By Fisher Industries

    We can custom design and mount your screening plant with most major brands of screens and in combination with: • Feed and under screen discharge conveyors, side discharge conveyors, discharge chutes, feed boxes and plates • Screen media - wire cloth, perf plate, rubber and polyurethane.... Read More
  • Screens By TRIO Engineered Products

    Rugged, versatile incline and horizontal screens for your aggregate and mining applications. ◦Inclined Screens ◦Horizontal Screens Incorporating modern huck-bolted deck frame designs, our screens are rugged yet versatile for a range of applications including use behind a primary crusher... Read More
  • Secondary Containment By United Industries Group, Inc

    UIG offers double-wall fiberglass storage tanks that fulfill all the requirements of safe secondary containment of underground and above ground storage of produced water, brine, flare and stack waste, and non-hazardous chemicals. UIG fiberglass tanks are manufactured in double wall... Read More
  • Secondary Equipment By P R Engineering Ltd

    To compliment our Vertical and Horizontal Mills we also have the following secondary Equipment. CSEPEL - 10’ radial arm drill with box table STANKO - 5’ radial arm drill with box table HYDMECH - horizontal band saw with roll conveyor AMADA - hyorizontal band saw with roll... Read More
  • Sedimentation / Thickening By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.

    PHOENIX products include belt filter presses, recessed chamber & membrane filter presses, centrifuges, high-rate & ultra high-rate thickeners, paste thickeners, hindered settling classifiers, bucket wheels, hydrocyclones/dewatering screens, attrition scrubbers and polymer mixing/delivery... Read More
  • Seismic Productivity By Dyno Nobel

    Dyno Nobel, a global leader in geophysical exploration explosives technologies, is the world’s largest supplier of quality Seismic Explosives Systems. With our affiliated distribution partners, we have serviced the geophysical exploration industry since Alfred Nobel’s invention of the blasting... Read More
  • Series 9000 By Sy-Klone International

    The Series 9000 is a device created from Sy-Klone's patented particle separation technology which takes dirt out of the air prior to the air entering the filter housing. Covering air flow ranges from 10 to 1400 cfm the precleaners are constructed from engineered polymer to the highest quality... Read More
  • Ship Loaders By Bedeschi America, Inc

    We custom design stationary or traveling type ship loaders for all kinds of material, either bulk loading or bag loading. Vessels sizes of all types can be loaded. Read More
  • Ship unloaders By Cargotec Sweden AB

    Screw-type unloaders for dry bulk materials. Capacities range from 150 tph to 2,500 tph depending on material handled and port facilities. Available for ships and barges with sizes up to Panamax. Read More
  • Shredder Wear Parts for Metal Scrap Shredders By Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

    Columbia Steel is your complete resource for standard and custom wear parts and components. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer, able to engineer, cast, heat treat, machine and assemble the wide variety of wear resistant parts you need. Look to us for your shredder replacement parts to... Read More
  • Side Wear Plates By Polydeck Screen Corp.

    Polydeck's side wear plates protect the sides of your vibrating screen from excessive wear, while also holding screen panels on the outside edge of the deck securely in position. Available Materials SB (Steel-backed) Rubber - in standard 6" and 12" heights; typically used in dry/coarse... Read More
  • Silo Patrol® Cable-Based Level Sensor By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ SiloPatrol® SE smart cable-based level sensors are effectively utilized to improve inventory control of powder and bulk solids. The sensors measure the inventory level automatically and on-demand without the need for your operator or plant personnel to climb silos, which... Read More
  • Silos By United Industries Group, Inc

    United Industries Group, Inc. (UIG) designs, manufactures and installs storage silos, bins and related conveyor systems of all types and sizes, including tanks thate are smooth wall, corrugated, carbon or stainless steel, hopper bottoms or with... Read More
  • Silos, preheater towers, mass foundations, conveying systems By Borton LC

    Borton LC, is a design engineering/construction firm, based in Hutchinson, Kansas. We have been in business since 1926, specializing in slip form concrete construction and repair of dry bulk storage facilities. We also have expertise in rail, ship, and truck loading facilities, steel grain... Read More
  • Silver Series Web-based Training Programs By VISTA Training Inc

    VISTA’s Silver Series training modules offer convenient, online equipment operator training to fleet owners at an affordable price. Each Silver Series training module provides concise, task-based learning for common types of heavy equipment. These programs help your trainees to learn critical... Read More
  • Slipstick Horizontal Motion Conveyor By Screening Strategies, a division of Triple/S Dynamics

    Unlike conventional vibrating conveyors that use a vertical pitching motion to propel material with repeated impacts which can cause product breakdown, the Slipstick employs a single-drive mechanism to move the product. This mechanism provides a unique horizontal differential motion which glides... Read More
  • Sly, Incorporated By Sly Inc

    Air pollution control equipment including baghouses, cartridge filters, reverse air filters, wet scrubbers and retractable loading spouts. Full service replacement parts for vertually all dust collectors and cartridge filters. Read More
  • SmartBob By BinMaster

    SmartBob is a proven, highly reliable and accurate inventory management system for monitoring powders and bulks solids for one or an entire network of bins, tanks and silos. The weight and cable-based rugged SmartBob2 sensor is for bins up to 180’ tall, while the SmartBob-TS1 is for bins up to... Read More
  • Soil Pro Heavy duty Shredder/Pulverizer By CBT Wear Parts Inc.

    for soil products and other materials. Production capacity up to 450 tons per hour. Read More
  • Soil Pro Soil Products & Compost Processing Equipment By CBT Wear Parts Inc.

    The most powerful shredders in the business and are made specifically for processing heavy clay soils. Well suited to the work of soil remediation: 1. Shredder rotor gets its power directly from output shaft of diesel power unit & will not bog down under heavy loading. 2. Feed conveyor has... Read More
  • Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The WesTech Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ has the ability to act as both an enhanced flocculation device as well as a high rate chemical precipitator. Mixing, internal solids recirculation, gentle flocculation and gravity sedimentation are all combined into a single unit. Read More
  • Solimar Fluidizer By Solimar Pneumatics

    The Solimar disk fluidizer has proven to be one of the most effective solutions to discharging dry powders from trailers, railcars, silos, hoppers and bins. The fluidizer line has grown to include food grade applications, EPDM disks, High Temperature disks and Mini disks. No fluidizer lasts... Read More
  • Spark–Ignited Gas Generator Sets By Cummins Inc.

    Our spark–ignited generator sets, 6.0 to 150 kW, are designed for applications that call for gaseous fuel options as a result of fuel containment, economic and emissions considerations, or compliance with local codes. These generator sets have fuel systems for both natural gas and propane,... Read More
  • SPARMAT By R Brunone Canada Inc

    The SPARMAT consists of POLYSPAR blocks linked together with chains,forming a superior alternative to traditional impact cradles and impact beds. It effectively absorbs heavy-duty shocks caused by material landing on the belt at loading points. Read More
  • Spectrum Construction Software for Electrical Contractors By Dexter + Chaney

    Built for Your World Spectrum® Construction Software was designed and developed specifically for Electrical contractors. We’ve spent 30 years specializing in the demands and details that electrical contractors face every day, to make sure Spectrum serves every aspect of your business; saving... Read More
  • Speed Reducers By The Cleveland Gear Company

    Hobbed Gears - no other method provides the accuracy and repeatability of hobbing. Precision Ground Worms - efficiency and dependabilty are increased by precise, skilled craftsmanship and superior quality control. Conservative Bearing Ratings - Bearing ratings exceed industry standards... Read More
  • Spray Systems By NESCO

    NESCO's DustPro high pressure spray systems are designed to control dust produced by mining and material handling systems. They feature electronic control, can be fully automated, and equipped with compressed air and glycol purge systems to protect spray lines in cold weather. NESCO's... Read More
  • Spyder 512T Screening Plant By Screen Machine

    The Spyder 512T is a patented aggregate screening plant designed to screen rock, soils, sand & gravel and construction & demolition materials producing three different sizes of product simultaneously. This heavy-duty machine features standard equipment such as a 84 HP (58 kw) Yanmar® diesel... Read More
  • Spyder 516T Screening Plant By Screen Machine

    The Spyder 516T is a patented aggregate screening plant designed to screen rock, soils, sand & gravel and construction & demolition materials producing three different sizes of product simultaneously. This heavy-duty machine features standard equipment such as a 110 HP (82 kw) Cummins® diesel... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Tanks and Vessels By United Industries Group, Inc

    Bolted Stainless Steel tanks are durable, attractive and highly resistant to corrosion. They have a life expectancy of over 40 years. Due to their stainless steel design, they do not have to be repainted re-welded. Stainless Steel bolted tanks are watertight and very resistant to cold climates.... Read More
  • Standard Tube Liner By BAG Corp

    This multi-purpose gusseted tube liner is our most cost effective liner. Our standard tube liner is compatible with most container types and is available in almost any size. Available with a sealed or open bottom, depending on desired discharge method. Read More
  • Static Control Liner By BAG Corp

    A static control liner is used to protect against unwanted static discharges in an electrostatically sensitive environment. With our conductive static control liners, the generated charges are safely drawn through the conductive material and discharged by grounding the package, eliminating... Read More
  • Static Plants By TRIO Engineered Products

    We build and install static plants for feeders, jaws, impactors, cones, screens, washing and integrated configurations. Small and large scale installations suitable for a wide range or applications. Highly customizable and cost-effective solutions for complex applications. Many options and... Read More
  • Stationary & Mobile Hoppers By Bedeschi America, Inc

    BEDESCHI AMERICA, INC offers Eco-Friendly bulk handling equipment to reduce emissions in operations. Our stationary or mobile Eco-Hoppers are a dust controlled grab unloading hoppers designed with a system for the reduction of dust with pressurized water and with a system for the extraction of... Read More
  • Stationary Suspended Separators By A & A Magnetics, Inc.

    These manually cleaned units provide maximum protection from equipment damage and related hazards caused by tramp iron. It comes with a sweeper bar for easy cleaning. Read More
  • Stonemont Software Suite By Stonemont Solutions

    Stonemont Solutions provides quality control and mix design software to the construction material industry. Our integrated software products include aggQC, asphaltQC, concreteQC, crusherQC, and Plant Flow. Stonemont software is used at over 2000 plants. Our desktop, server, and enterprise... Read More
  • Stretch Hooder By Premier Tech Chronos

    The LH-400 Stretch Hooders from Premier Tech Chronos are efficient, fully automatic load securing systems initially designed to produce secured pallet loads that are waterproof for outdoor storage. The film hood used by the system exerts vertical and horizontal tension on the load, gently... Read More
  • Strong Arm™ Trailing Axle By Strong Industries Inc

    The Strong Arm™ is a load-bearing axle that is added to the rear of heavy-duty trucks (i.e. dump trucks, concrete mixers, garbage trucks) to increase payloads and maximize profits while operating under the federal Bridge Laws. Also know as a stinger, booster, trailing tag, or flying tag axle,... Read More
  • Strong SuperDump® Ultimate Dump Bed By Strong Industries Inc

    All clean lines with forward angles = best looking dumper ever. All matching angles give this bed a very forward appearance. New welding process produces first flat side thin sheet metal bed ever. • 26+ ton payload only from STRONG • Two tons more payload yields the largest payload ever • Each... Read More
  • Strong Superdumps® Systems By Strong Industries Inc

    A Superdump is a dump truck that has anywhere from four to seven axles and is capable of legal payloads ranging from 19-32 tons. Imagine carrying payloads equilvalent to those of trailers and transfers, but maintaining the maneuverability and quick "turnaround" of a standard dump truck. Due to... Read More
  • Sturtevant Hammermill By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant Hammermills provide unexcelled general size reduction for virtually any dry friable material. Wide range of reduction by impact from swinging hammers. Product size controlled by grates and screens. Material reduced to granular powder at high rate. Heavy-duty, cast-iron... Read More
  • Sturtevant Jaw Crusher By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant Jaw Crushers are unsurpassed in coarse and intermediate crushing. Even very hard materials can be reduced for further processing. Reduces by compression and shear stress. Heavy-duty, cast-iron construction; decades of dependable service. East access; simplified inspection... Read More
  • Sturtevant Roll Crusher By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant Roll Crushers are ideal for laboratory and limited-capacity production operations for the aggregate, minerals, ceramics, chemicals and sintered metals industry. Whether the application is for coarse crushing to intermediate crushing or a controlled reduction of material to limit fines... Read More
  • Sturtevant Rotary Crushers By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant Rotary Crushers reduce soft to moderately hard materials without creating excess dust. Uniform granular product; minimal fines creation. Reduces by shear force. Read More
  • Sturtevant Sample Grinder By Sturtevant Inc

    These Sturtevant Sample Grinders are of the "Open Door" disc type construction and are capable of very fine work, producing products as fine as 100 mesh (coarser if desired) when working on dry, friable, soft or moderately hard materials. They also can work on many hard rocks and ores, but with... Read More
  • Sturtevant Side Draft Air Classifier By Sturtevant Inc

    By air separating Flyash at 325 mesh (45 microns), product quality can be consistently achieved by controlling the fineness and by reducing the LOI carbon content by 50% or more to a level that is tolerable for use in cement, as a filler for land reclamation, soil improvement, lightweight... Read More
  • Sturtevant SuperFine Air Classifier By Sturtevant Inc

    For over 82 years, Sturtevant Air Classifiers have provided the chemical, ceramic, mineral, and food processing industries with air classifiers that separate fine powders from coarse powders. Benefits of the SuperFine® Air Classifier include:  Ultra-Fine Particle Size Separation  Narrow... Read More
  • Sturtevant Whirlwind Air Classifier By Sturtevant Inc

    For over 80 years, Sturtevant Whirlwind© Air Classifiers have provided the aggregate industry with an alternative to wet washing minus 200 mesh fines from crushed stone. Benefits include:  Water Conservation  Reduced Land Requirements  Eliminates the Use & Cost of Settling Ponds  No... Read More
  • Super Cutter Hydrocyclone By Azfab

    The AZFAB Super Cutter Hydrocyclone is the answer to many serious material problems. With no moving parts the Hydrocyclone uses centrifugal force alone to separate material by size and density. AZFAB Supper Cutters are designed for a long service life, utilizing all steel construction and... Read More
  • Super Jaws® Overburden Drilling Systems By Numa

    Drilling through unconsolidated ground conditions in order to set casing into bedrock is one of the most challenging tasks facing the drilling industry. That is why Numa has spent so much time and energy designing a drill bit that can drill a larger diameter hole than the casing, while... Read More
  • Super Power Pulleys By A & A Magnetics, Inc.

    The super power models are specially suited to handle larger vulumes of material flow,faster,conveyoru speeds and deeper burden depths than our standard magnetic pulleys. Read More
  • SuperDisc™ Disc Filter By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The SuperDisc™ Disc Filter is a high-rate filtration process that fits into a compact footprint and requires less backwash than other filtration systems. The polyester filter media with a defined pore size deliver a quality effluent and high filtration efficiencies. The system is fully automated... Read More
  • Suspended Electromagnetic Separators By Magnetic Products Inc.

    Suspended Electromagnetic Separators handle high volume product stream flows that exceed the limitations of standard permanent suspended magnets. Available in quick-cleaning (ERBM) or self-cleaning (ECBS) models, these products remove both large and medium types of damaging tramp iron from... Read More
  • Switchgear, Switchboards and Panelboards By Romac

    Electrical installations usually have several loads, often on a single circuit. Panelboards, switchboards, switchgear and motor-control centers are methods of consolidating control of those circuits into a common enclosure on common bus. One of the basic functions of switchgear is protection,... Read More
  • Synthetic Modular Screen Media By Polydeck Screen Corp.

    Since the introduction of our revolutionary Polydex® concept of modular synthetic screening to North America in 1978, Polydeck Screen Corporation has grown to a position of leadership in the aggregate industry. Our reputation for innovative problem-solving has resulted in more than 1,000... Read More
  • Syntron Vibrators By FMC Technologies Inc

    Count on FMC Technologies and Syntron. Read More