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  • Micronizer

    Since the 1940’s, Sturtevant Inc. has been a pioneer in jet milling technology for the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pigments, cosmetics, ceramics and minerals industries. The Sturtevant Micronizer® is a spiral jet mill with no moving parts that grinds and classifies powders to low and sub-micron... Read More
  • Simpactor Pin Mill

    Sturtevant’s Simpactor Pin Mill is the perfect solution for milling dry powder food ingredients such as MSG, Whey and Amino Acids to precise fine particle sizes of 50-200 mesh. This unit can be designed to fit USDA standards. The Sturtevant Simpactor® Pin Mill is a centrifugal, pin-type... Read More
  • Sturtevant Hammermill

    Sturtevant Hammermills provide unexcelled general size reduction for virtually any dry friable material. Wide range of reduction by impact from swinging hammers. Product size controlled by grates and screens. Material reduced to granular powder at high rate. Heavy-duty, cast-iron... Read More
  • Sturtevant Jaw Crusher

    Sturtevant Jaw Crushers are unsurpassed in coarse and intermediate crushing. Even very hard materials can be reduced for further processing. Reduces by compression and shear stress. Heavy-duty, cast-iron construction; decades of dependable service. East access; simplified inspection... Read More
  • Sturtevant Powderizer Air Classifying Mill

    - The Sturtevant Powderizer®, a “classifying impact mill” capable of reducing powders to less than ten microns, is fast becoming the workhorse in particle size reduction applications. Due to its independently driven impact milling and air classification technologies combined in one unit, it can... Read More
  • Sturtevant Qualification Micronizer

    Because its milling chamber has the same configuration as larger production mills, the new Qualification Micronizer® jet mill from Sturtevant Inc. enables pharmaceutical laboratories to develop powder formulations with desired fine particle sizes on small scale, before confidently proceeding to... Read More
  • Sturtevant Roll Crusher

    Sturtevant Roll Crushers are ideal for laboratory and limited-capacity production operations for the aggregate, minerals, ceramics, chemicals and sintered metals industry. Whether the application is for coarse crushing to intermediate crushing or a controlled reduction of material to limit fines... Read More
  • Sturtevant Rotary Crushers

    Sturtevant Rotary Crushers reduce soft to moderately hard materials without creating excess dust. Uniform granular product; minimal fines creation. Reduces by shear force. Read More
  • Sturtevant Sample Grinder

    These Sturtevant Sample Grinders are of the "Open Door" disc type construction and are capable of very fine work, producing products as fine as 100 mesh (coarser if desired) when working on dry, friable, soft or moderately hard materials. They also can work on many hard rocks and ores, but with... Read More
  • Sturtevant Sanitary Design Micronizer

    The Sturtevant Sanitary Design Micronizer® (USDA-Accepted Jet Mill) utilizes a unique fluid energy grinding system to generate particle-on-particle impact. Designed for high performance below 325 mesh (44 microns) — the economical fineness limit of many mechanical grinders — the Micronizer®... Read More
  • Sturtevant Side Draft Air Classifier

    By air separating Flyash at 325 mesh (45 microns), product quality can be consistently achieved by controlling the fineness and by reducing the LOI carbon content by 50% or more to a level that is tolerable for use in cement, as a filler for land reclamation, soil improvement, lightweight... Read More
  • Sturtevant SuperFine Air Classifier

    For over 82 years, Sturtevant Air Classifiers have provided the chemical, ceramic, mineral, and food processing industries with air classifiers that separate fine powders from coarse powders. Benefits of the SuperFine® Air Classifier include:  Ultra-Fine Particle Size Separation  Narrow... Read More
  • Sturtevant Whirlwind Air Classifier

    For over 80 years, Sturtevant Whirlwind© Air Classifiers have provided the aggregate industry with an alternative to wet washing minus 200 mesh fines from crushed stone. Benefits include:  Water Conservation  Reduced Land Requirements  Eliminates the Use & Cost of Settling Ponds  No... Read More

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