Products in the Rock & Aggregate Equipment Marketplace

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  • ABI CRUSHER By Texas Crusher Systems, Inc.

    WELDED STEEL MAINFRAME Made from 1/2" steel, solid belt tunnel welded to shell for maximum strength and rigidity. ROTOR CONSTRUCTION AND BALANCE 40" OD closed rotor with four ports, welded 400 bolt-on steel structure shell with key areas protected by replaceable bolt-on parts, automatic... Read More
  • ADI Air Dynamics Industries By Finn Equipment Sales Inc.

    ADI Air Dynamics Industries, an Englo Inc. affiliated company, designs, builds and installs custom metal fabrications and process ventilation ductwork for heavy industrial and mining operations. ADI supervisors and craftsmen have the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver quality... Read More
  • aggQC By Stonemont Solutions

    Stonemont Solutions aggQC is the premier aggregate quality control and process information management system available today. Our desktop, server, enterprise, and hosted software solutions easily scale from the single plant operators to the largest producers. Our server, enterprise, and hosted... Read More
  • Agitator Slurry Pumps By Piranha Pumps & Dredges

    An agitator for slurry pumps delivers kinetic energy (energy of motion) to solids surrounding the pump intake, re-suspending them into a fluid state which would have otherwise buried and starved the pump of liquid. The solids are pulled into the submersible slurry pump and pushed on through the... Read More
  • Air Compressors By McAllister Equipment Co.

    Ingersoll Rand 90 cfm - 1,600 cfm High pressure units up to 350 psi Air hose available Read More
  • Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch By Warner Electric

    A device attached to the AC Compressor that aids in the consistent engagement of the AC Compressor cycle Read More
  • Air-Eagle Wireless Industrial Remote Controls By BWI Eagle Inc

    Industrial wireless remote controls operate any electrical machinery or devices from safe, convenient locations with simple dry contact relay outputs that can be activated by a handheld or stationary transmitter from up to several miles away. Optional analog capability allows remote monitoring... Read More
  • ALIGNEO Laser Shaft Alignment Tool By LUDECA Inc.

    Shaft Coupling Alignment starting at US$4,750 The ALIGNEO laser shaft alignment tool aligns machines fast and at an affordable price. Easy-to-use with dedicated keys: Dimensions, Measure and Results. Checks for Soft Foot. Stores and prints alignment files with Free PC Software. It’s... Read More

    Almex Group is the splicing expert and industry leader, cooperating with multiple belting companies to refine the splice process for belting that incorporates Kevlar (TM) by Dupont. Read More
  • Almex OEM Service Protection & Maintenance Program By Shaw-Almex Industries Limited

    Safety is the greatest priority for your operations, It affects every area of your business. In recent years, health and safety standards have become more stringent and penalties for non-compliance have escalated. Not only can the employer be held responsible, but criminal charges can be... Read More
  • AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration Package Systems By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration Package System is designed as an economical ultrafiltration membrane treatment system that is both easy to use and simple to install. This versatile system can process flows up to 100 gpm on surface waters and 180 gpm on ground waters. The AltaPac™ can be upgraded... Read More
  • Ambient Air Monitoring By Shell Engineering and Assoc Inc

    Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc., specializes in ambient air monitoring. Monitoring facilities have been established and operated from New York to Hawaii, in Canada, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Independent analysis and auditing are just a few of the capabilities of the... Read More
  • Apex Auto ID By Command Alkon

    The Auto ID module is an add-on to our existing ticketing system that allows for attended or unattended ticketing, weigh-ins and check-ins. Radio frequency (RF) truck tags and/or hand-held RFID cards may be used to quickly identify trucks when entering or leaving the site. Multiple Auto ID... Read More
  • Apex Back Office Solutions By Command Alkon

    Apex Back Office solutions deliver a complete quote-to-cash solution for your bulk materials operations include modules for Quote, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger Interface and Reporting. Read More
  • Apex Domes By Tank Connection

    Apex Domes represents the pinnacle of precision engineered aluminum geodesic covers. Apex Domes are fully compliant with AWWA specifications. Constructed entirely out of aluminum, utilizing proprietary component fabrication, Apex Domes are corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance free and... Read More
  • Apex Inventory & Production/Operations By Command Alkon

    The Apex Inventory Module provides up-to-date inventory quantities. The Apex Production/Operations Module calculates production by product (based upon production formulas), operation, and downtime activity. Daily scale tickets, production quantities and received loads are used to calculate... Read More
  • Apex Kiosk By Command Alkon

    The Apex Touchscreen Kiosk provides unattended vehicle identification, check-in/check-out, tare-in/ticket-out, loader notification, auto load, and allows driver input/verification of load information, purchase order number, trailer number, inbound material, and other required information. The... Read More
  • Apex Loadout By Command Alkon

    To load asphalt, aggregate, or cement into trucks and rail cars, the Apex Loadout system integrates with the Apex Ticketing module to open and close single or multiple overhead silo gates or spouts. The system improves accuracy and safety for both your customers and operators. Read More
  • Apex Rail By Command Alkon

    The Apex Rail Module lets you organize and store information about rail car deliveries and easily produce Bills of Lading for your rail care operators. Read More
  • Apex Scale Watcher 2 By Command Alkon

    JWS a Division of Command Alkon now offers an integrated solution for providing photo verification of the weighing process. When Apex sends a print signal to the printer, it activates the camera to take a digital still photo of the vehicle on the scale. This ticket information is then... Read More
  • Apex Third Party Interface & Data Replication By Command Alkon

    Apex systems can communicate with a wide range of industry standard control platforms to provide complete site integration. Standard interfaces allow the Apex database to communiate, control, and ticket information to other automated systems, as well as monitor status conditions. Interface... Read More
  • Apex Ticketing By Command Alkon

    With the Apex Ticketing Module you can quickly and efficienty process scale tickets using stored data and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The Ticketing module allows connection directly to most popular models of digital truck scale indicators to generate and print tickets. Read More
  • Apex Vehicle/Order Entry & Truck Tracking By Command Alkon

    The Apex Vehicle/Order Dispatch module combined with our newest truck tracking solution helps you to maximize hauling capacity, increase on-time deliveries, improve the speed and accuracy of your ticketing processes, and increase your revenues. Read More
  • Apron Feeders By Bedeschi America, Inc

    Our apron feeders are designed to handle all types of dry, wet or sticky materials at rates up to 3000 tph. Read More
  • Apron Pan Chain Feeders By Fisher Industries

    Our Aron Pan Chain Feeder provides steady feed to your screens and crushers for optimum plant operation. Featuring a variable speed drive and single or multiple chains, our feeders use Cat style S.A.L.T. chains, segmented sprockets and Cat style single flange rollers to deliver tough... Read More
  • Architectural Screens By The Western Group

    Architectural mesh, expanded metal, and perforated plate from TWG are all special products. They allow structures to breathe, enable otherwise impossible sight lines, and augment the appearance of interior and exterior walls, all while forming safety and design separators in and on a structure.... Read More
  • asphaltQC By Stonemont Solutions

    Stonemont Solutions asphaltQC is best in class software for asphalt quality control and mix design management. Our desktop, server, and enterprise software solutions easily scale from the single plant operators to the largest producers in North America. Our server and enterprise edition can be... Read More
  • Autogate® Tailgates By Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.

    PHIL's Autogate® Tailgate works with your off-highway truck insuring full truck utilization. The Autogate Tailgate allows an increased yet balanced load and effectively contains most any material no matter what the incline or road condition. Operation is simple and trouble free. No locks,... Read More