80 GHZ Non-Contact Radar with Super-Simple Installation

Press Release from BinMaster

July 18, 2017 

If you need an extremely reliable and accurate level sensor and have an existing 1-1/2” opening for mounting, this new model of the NCR-80 non-contact radar may be just the right solution for you. 

BinMaster’s NCR-80 radar level sensor is a proven performer in powders and bulk solids, performing reliably even in the densest dust. Its powerful 80 GHz frequency focuses the signal in a narrow 4° beam angle for precise aiming to avoid the flow stream, internal structure, or sidewall buildup. Use this sensor in the tallest silos, up to 393 feet, and get accuracy within 0.2 inches. The NCR-80 updates quickly for continuous level measurement in tall or narrow vessels with excessive noise or dust. It also has a pressure rating up to 20 bar (294 psi), making it a viable sensor for pressurized sludge or slurry applications.

Set up and configure the NCR-80 sensor with the BinDisc interface. This push-button device can be installed and visible on the top of the sensor for viewing silo levels, sensor status, and conducting system diagnosis.

If you need anywhere, anytime access to your inventory even when you’re away from the office, add BinView to your system. The cloud-based application works on any device with internet access. Your phone, tablet, or PC delivers the data you need, where you need it. If a LAN solution is what you need, Binventory software gives a silo, site, or system wide overview of your inventory with the NCR-80 or other BinMaster sensors.

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