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  • SANWEI Mining Services Co.,LTD

    Sleeve Hole liners: Heavy duty Hole liner ● Apply for wet holes, using ANFO explosives instead of Emulsion. ● With lining material interior of hole liner which ensure its waterproof. ● All new materials that making hole liner high tensile strength. ● Width and length per roll per required ● Folded width per...
  • MOCAP Inc

    Stemming Plugs to contain blasting, reducing fly rock and improving fragmentation. Also, allows pattern spread for less drilling, and air decking to save on explosives.
  • BF Carr & Associates

    We sell Stemplugs and Max-Blast. The two most effective, down the hole, blast plugs in the world. These plugs will increase fragmentation, while decreasing flyrock, airblast, and dust. Contact us for free trial plugs.
  • NXCO Mining Technologies

    NoneX Rockbreaking Cartridge NoneX breaks rock and concrete with minimal fly rock, vibration and noise NoneX is based on a non-explosive chemical compound contained in a cartridge, which reacts when initiated to produce high volumes of harmless gas. When the cartridge is sealed in a drill hole...