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Apex Scale Watcher 2

JWS a Division of Command Alkon now offers an integrated solution for providing photo verification of the weighing process. When Apex sends a print signal to the printer, it activates the camera to take a digital still photo of the vehicle on the scale. This ticket information is then... Read More

Apex Ticketing

With the Apex Ticketing Module you can quickly and efficienty process scale tickets using stored data and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The Ticketing module allows connection directly to most popular models of digital truck scale indicators to generate and print tickets. Read More

Apex Loadout

To load asphalt, aggregate, or cement into trucks and rail cars, the Apex Loadout system integrates with the Apex Ticketing module to open and close single or multiple overhead silo gates or spouts. The system improves accuracy and safety for both your customers and operators. Read More

Apex Rail

The Apex Rail Module lets you organize and store information about rail car deliveries and easily produce Bills of Lading for your rail care operators. Read More

Apex Auto ID

The Auto ID module is an add-on to our existing ticketing system that allows for attended or unattended ticketing, weigh-ins and check-ins. Radio frequency (RF) truck tags and/or hand-held RFID cards may be used to quickly identify trucks when entering or leaving the site. Multiple Auto ID... Read More

Apex Kiosk

The Apex Touchscreen Kiosk provides unattended vehicle identification, check-in/check-out, tare-in/ticket-out, loader notification, auto load, and allows driver input/verification of load information, purchase order number, trailer number, inbound material, and other required information. The... Read More

Wireless Loader

The Wireless Loader is a loader notification system designed to assist the loader operator in achieving fewer over/under loads. It also increases utilization of loader assets, and provides reporting on loader efficiency. The program works with a wirless network and remote touch PC or Blackberry... Read More

Remote Printer Enclosure

The Remote Printer Enclosure is designed to house either a thermal ticket printer (with cutter) or a laser printer. When installed at cab height, the driver may pick up his scale ticket after weighing without leaving the vehicle or obstructing other vehicles. The Moveable Stand ensures that the... Read More

Remote Displays

Outdoor Remote Displays can be used in conjunction with our Auto ID module to display messages to drivers to assist in knowing where to go and/or what product they will be loading. The displays communicate directly with the Apex Kiosk/Auto ID module. Read More

Apex Vehicle/Order Entry & Truck Tracking

The Apex Vehicle/Order Dispatch module combined with our newest truck tracking solution helps you to maximize hauling capacity, increase on-time deliveries, improve the speed and accuracy of your ticketing processes, and increase your revenues. Read More

Apex Inventory & Production/Operations

The Apex Inventory Module provides up-to-date inventory quantities. The Apex Production/Operations Module calculates production by product (based upon production formulas), operation, and downtime activity. Daily scale tickets, production quantities and received loads are used to calculate... Read More

Apex Third Party Interface & Data Replication

Apex systems can communicate with a wide range of industry standard control platforms to provide complete site integration. Standard interfaces allow the Apex database to communiate, control, and ticket information to other automated systems, as well as monitor status conditions. Interface... Read More

Apex Back Office Solutions

Apex Back Office solutions deliver a complete quote-to-cash solution for your bulk materials operations include modules for Quote, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger Interface and Reporting. Read More

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